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Computational Social Choice

Why no voting system is fair and how AI can help

How to combine individual points of view to find the best possible compromise? This might seem trivial. But in fact, it’s really hard to answer! This video explains why.

26 June 2020, Iris Proff

  • What is fair and unfair about a certain voting method?
  • Do different notions of fairness contradict each other?
  • How to justify the outcome of an election?

These are some of the questions that keep the Computational Social Choice group at our institute busy. To find answers, the researchers apply tools from artificial intelligence (AI). While most AI research today evolves around neural networks, they focus their efforts on symbolic AI methods. This video explains why and how.

Curious to learn more about the topic?

Read about problems of the US presidential elections here or check out the Handbook of Computational Social Choice. Chapter 2 explains some of the most important voting axioms and voting rules.

Here, you can find the follow-up video on a current research project by Ulle Endriss and Arthur Boixel.