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new book: Computability and Complexity in Analysis


 Jens Blanck, Vasco Brattka, and Peter Hertling (Eds.)


 4th International Workshop, CCA 2000, Swansea, UK,
 September 17-19, 2000, Selected Papers

 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg New York, 2001
 ISBN 3-540-42197-1, 395 pp.




 - Effectivity of Regular Spaces
   Jens Blanck

 - The Degree of Unsolvability of a Real Number
   Anthony J. Dunlop and Marian Boykan Pour-El

 - A Survey of Exact Arithmetic Implementations
   Paul Gowland and David Lester

 - Standard Representations of Effective Metric Spaces
   Armin Hemmerling

 - Banach-Mazur Computable Functions on Metric Spaces
   Peter Hertling

 - A Generic Root Operation for Exact Real Arithmetic
   Namhyun Hur and James H. Davenport

 - Effective Contraction Theorem and Its Application
   Hiroyasu Kamo

 - Polynomially Time Computable Functions over p-Adic Fields
   George Kapoulas

 - On the Computational Content of the Krasnoselski and
   Ishikawa Fixed Point Theorems
   Ulrich Kohlenbach

 - Formalisation of Computability of Operators and Real-Valued
   Functionals via Domain Theory
   Margarita V. Korovina and Oleg V. Kudinov

 - Computing a Required Absolute Precision from a Stream of
   Linear Fractional Transformations
   Marko Krznaric

 - delta-Approximable Functions
   Charles Meyssonnier, Paolo Boldi, and Sebastiano Vigna

 - Computabilities of Fine-Continuous Functions
   Takakazu Mori

 - The iRRAM: Exact Arithmetic in C++
   Norbert Th. Mueller

 - The Uniformity Conjecture
   Daniel Richardson

 - Admissible Representations of Limit Spaces
   Matthias Schroeder

 - Characterization of the Computable Real Numbers by Means of
   Primitive Recursive Functions
   Dimiter Skordev

 - Effective Fixed Point Theorem over a Non-computably Separable
   Metric Space
   Izumi Takeuti

 - Computational Dimension of Topological Spaces
   Hideki Tsuiki

 - Some Properties of the Effective Uniform Topological Space
   Yoshiki Tsujii, Mariko Yasugi, and Takakazu Mori

 - On Computable Metric Spaces Tietze-Urysohn Extension Is Computable
   Klaus Weihrauch

 - Is the Linear Schroedinger Propagator Turing Computable?
   Klaus Weihrauch and Ning Zhong

 - A Computable Spectral Theorem
   Martin Ziegler and Vasco Brattka

 - Exact Real Arithmetic Systems: Results of Competition
   Jens Blanck