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Workshop on Foundational Theories in Mathematics

Workshop on Foundational Theories in Mathematics
Department  of Mathematics - University of Trento (Italy)
Trento, September 03--07, 2001

The aim of the workshop is to present three different theories
for the foundations of Mathematics and to discuss their specific strengths;
their mutual relationships; the extent to which they are comparable and
the open problems to be tackled in order to gain an even deeper
understanding of the philosophical and technical interrelations between the
various theories as potential foundations of Mathematics.

There will be three series of lectures on

-- Set Theory by Philip Welch (Institut fuer Formale Logik, Vienna and
University of Bristol);
-- Topos Theory by Ieke Moerdijk (University of Utrecht);
-- Constructive Type Theory  by Giovanni Sambin (University of Padua).

Each series of lectures will present the historical origins and
the initial development of the respective theory; the theory's fundamental
concepts and ideas and their  technical realisation; a discussion of the
theory's foundational interest and relevance; a comparison of the theory
with the other foundational theories.

The intended audience of this workshop are mathematicians, philosophers and
computer scientists with a solid background in logic who, however, will not
be expected to have a background in all the three foundational theories
mentioned above.

For further information: http://www.science.unitn.it/~baratell/ftm.html


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