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Call for Nominations: 2005 IBC Prize ('Information-Based Complexity'; Deadline March 31, 2005)


This annual prize is for outstanding achievement in information-based
complexity.  It consists of $3000 and a plaque and will be awarded at a
suitable location.  The prize committee will consist of Stefan Heinrich,
Universitat Kaiserslautern; Peter Mathe, Weierstrass Institute for Applied
Analysis and Stochastics; Joseph F. Traub, Columbia University;
Arthur G. Werschulz Fordham Univerity; and Henryk Wozniakowski, Columbia
University and University of Warsaw.  Anyone other than a current member
of the prize committee is eligible.  The members of the prize committee
would appreciate nominations for the prize.  However, a person does not
have to be nominated to win the award.

The deadline for the award is March 31, 2005. The award can be based on
work done in a single year, in a number of years or over a lifetime. The
work can be published in any journal, in a number of journals, or as