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Spring School on Infinite Games and their Applications (Bonn, March 2005)

  Bonn, Germany, 15th to 19th March 2005

* Description. This school, organized by the EU Research Training
  Network GAMES (Games and Automata for Synthesis and Validation),
  gives an introduction to the algorithmic theory of infinite
  games, an active and expanding area of research with applications
  in modelling, verifying, and synthesizing reactive systems and
  close ties to logic and semantics. The tutorials are directed to
  young researchers who want to enter the field; topics covered include
  set-theoretic and automata theoretic foundations, games and
  model-checking, games and semantics, and algorithmic synthesis of e.g.
  distributed, timed, and infinite-state systems.

* Programme.  The school will consist of nine tutorials, with
  the following tentative titles.

  Wolfgang Thomas:  Automata-theoretic foundations of infinite games
  Jacques Duparc:   Set-theoretic foundations: Borel sets and determinacy
  Erich Gr?del:     Model checking games
  Igor Walukiewicz: Distributed synthesis
  Luca de Alfaro:   Stochastic games
  Luke Ong:         Games and semantics
  Thomas Wilke:     Synthesis from knowledge based specifications
  Parosh Abdulla:   From montonic transition systems to monotonic games
  Patricia Bouyer:  Synthesis of timed systems

* Location. The school will be held in the Bonn-Aachen International
  Center for Information Technology (www.b-it-center.de), a new
  building just on the Rhine, which formerly was used for government
  purposes. There will be opportunity to see the city of Bonn
  with its many remarkable sites, as well as the Rhine valley during
  an excursion.

* Applications. Applicants should write until 5th January 2005 to
  gamesschool@informatik.rwth-aachen.de with a short CV, list of
  publications (if applicable), and a letter of reference; they will be
  notified about acceptance by 15th January. The fee is 100 Euro for
  attendance, course material, lunches, and social events; accomodation is
  extra (a list of places to stay will be announced).