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(LOGIC) Russell-Konferenz (fwd)

Call for Participation:

                           One Hundred Years of Russell's Paradox

International Conference
University of Munich, Germany
Sat June 2 -  Tue June 5, 2001

This centennial conference commemorates the discovery of Russell's
paradox, which revolutionized philosophical inquiry and foundational
thinking about mathematics, and led to the development of the new and
thriving field of mathematical logic.

The conference brings together leading scholars from the following

     Russell Studies
     Mathematical Logic
     Set Theory
     Philosophy of Mathematics

The aim of the conference is to contribute to the understanding of
Russell's discovery in its historical context, and to attempt an
assessment of the meaning of set theory in the light of both current
conceptions and recent technical findings in the above-mentioned fields.

The conference will feature

     plenary sessions with distinguished invited speakers
     section meetings devoted to the above fields,
     with both invited and contributed papers
     panel discussions

Speakers include

     John Bell (Western Ontario)
     Ulrich Blau (Munich)
     Wilfried Buchholz (Munich)
     Andrea Cantini (Florence)
     Charles Chihara (Berkeley)
     Hans-Peter Donder (Munich)
     Solomon Feferman (Stanford)
     Harvey Friedman (Ohio)
     Sy Friedman (Vienna)
     Nicholas Griffin (McMaster)
     Michael Hallett (McGill)
     Allen Hazen (Melbourne)
     Geoffrey Hellman (Minnesota)
     Peter Hylton (Chicago)
     Andrew Irvine (Vancouver)
     Gerhard Jaeger (Bern)
     Hans Kamp (Stuttgart)
     David Kaplan (UCLA)
     Gregory Landini (Iowa)
     Shaughan Lavine (Arizona)
     Godehard Link (Munich)
     Bernard Linsky (Alberta)
     Per Martin-L?f (Stockholm)
     David McCarty (Indiana)
     Vann McGee (MIT)
     Yiannis Moschovakis (UCLA)
     Jan Mycielski (Boulder)
     Charles Parsons (Harvard)
     Graham Priest (Melbourne)
     Michael Rathjen (Leeds)
     Francisco Rodriguez-Consuegra (Valencia)
     Philippe de Rouilhan (Paris)
     Helmut Schwichtenberg (Munich)
     Robert Thomas (Manitoba)
     Alasdair Urquhart (Toronto)
     Albert Visser (Utrecht)
     Hugh Woodin (Berkeley)

For further information and registration visit the website of the
or contact us by email.

Mailing adress:

     Russell Cenntennial Conference "Russell 2001"
     c/o Ulrich Albert
     Seminar for Philosophy, Logic und Philosophy of Science PLW
     University of Munich
     Ludwigstra?e 31/I
     D-80539 Munich