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GLLC 9: Games in Logic, Language and Computation (Amsterdam; 6.12.2004)

Ninth Workshop on Games in Logic, Language and Computation
Amsterdam, December 6, 2004


The ninth edition of the workshop on Games in Logic, Language and
Computation (GLLC9) will be held on Monday December 6, 2004. The informal
workshop series "Games in Logic, Language and Computation"  focuses on
applications of game theory in linguistics, logic, and computer science,
as well as on the (logical) foundations of game theory. Earlier meetings
have taken place in Amsterdam, Groningen, Nunspeet, and Utrecht. Sponsors
of the workshop are the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, and
the Beth Stichting. The workshop is open to all interested. There is no
entrance fee. For more information, please contact debruin@science.uva.nl.

Venue. University of Amsterdam, Building A, Roetersstraat 15, room A-102.
For directions please click here.

1.00-1.15	coffee/tea/cookies
1.15-2.00	Wlodek Rabinowicz (Lund, Sweden)
		Pragmatic arguments for rationality constraints
2.00-2.30	Paul Harrenstein (Utrecht)
		Solution concepts as indicators
2.30-3.15	Marc Pauly (Toulouse, France)
		Debating the discursive dilemma
3.15-3.45	coffee/tea/cookies
3.45-4.15	Merlijn Sevenster (Amsterdam)
		Using weak dominance as a semantics for IF-logic
4.15-5.00	Johan van Benthem (Amsterdam)
		Logic on the move
5.00-5.30	S. van Otterloo (Liverpool, UK) & O. Roy (Amsterdam)
		Preference logic and backward induction