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John and Judy Paul Summer Research Grants for Anselm studies, Manchester NH (U.S.A.), Deadline: 1 Mar 2017

John and Judy Paul Summer Research Grant

The Institute for Saint Anselm Studies is accepting applications for the
2017 John and Judy Paul Summer Research Grant, which is offered to doctoral
candidates and those who recently completely doctoral studies (within last
four years) working on some area of Anselm studies. The Institute provides
the recipient with an opportunity to do research for a week in the
extensive O?Rourke Saint Anselm Collection at Saint Anselm College in
Manchester, New Hampshire.

The exact period of the grant is to be decided by the recipient but will
fall between the dates of May 21 and June 30. Travel reimbursement will be
covered up to $1000, and housing for six nights will be provided with a
seven-day $50 per diem for food. The recipient will have library privileges
for the week. Special access will be arranged for times when the library is
normally closed.

The application should include your name, academic affiliation, research
topic with a brief explanation of the project (300-400 words), a current
CV, and a letter of reference from someone familiar with your work. A
report on the research of 3-4 pages will be expected as well as a citation
in the dissertation or article if published. A copy of the dissertation or
the article for the Collection would also be expected.

For more information on the O?Rourke Saint Anselm Collection, go to
For more information on the Institute for Saint Anselm Studies, go to

Please apply through email or regular mail by March 1, 2017, to:

Prof. Montague Brown
Director, Institute for Saint Anselm Studies
Saint Anselm College
Manchester, NH 03102
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