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Mathematical Logic Problem Forum at UC Berkeley

GLMS Open Problems in Mathematical Logic


The members of the Group in Logic and the Methodology of Science,
University of California, Berkeley (GLMS) invite mathematicians, computer
scientists, philosophers, and other scholars working within Mathematical
Logic to join this bulletin board for the exchange of mathematical ideas,
problems, and solutions. Problems which can be solved in a matter of weeks
rather than years are especially welcome. We encourage members to provide
motivation and references in their postings.

Somewhat arbitrarily, we have divided mathematical logic into areas and
divided those areas into forums. Within forums, registered users can
introduce new topics, i.e. mathematical questions, and reply to the topics
raised by others. We will open new forums on request and welcome other

We have also included space for items of community interest, with forums
for upcoming meetings and employment opportunities.

Thomas Scanlon, Theodore A. Slaman, John R. Steel