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ADMW 2004: Logic and Law

L O G I C   a n d    L A W

6th Augustus De Morgan Workshop
King's College London
15th - 18th November 2004


The Sixth De Morgan Workshop, to take place in November 2004 is on Logic
and Law. There are strong connections and common themes in logic an din
law. Legal reasoning in which temporal and psychological considerations
play an indispensable role. Recent developments in the logics of agents
and AI brought logic to a stage where it can be of serious service to the
law on the technical as well as the conceptual level. The concepts of
common interest are these:

    * Proof
    * Evidence
    * Probability
    * Relevance
    * Precedent
    * Presumption
    * Plausibility
    * Abduction
    * Fallacies

We are therefore organising this conference bringing law professors and
logicians in areas connected with law together to show how close logic and
law are, and hope to initiate interest in the proposed research programme.

All the major areas involved are represented by the following speakers,
all of whom are world-famous researchers: M.Baaz, J.Woods, A.Norrie,
I.Dennis, M.Parigot, M.Thaler, T.Bench-Capon, L.Lindahl, J.Odelstad,
L.Beklemishev, A.Irvine.