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Solomon Feferman (1928-2016)

We are sad to report that Solomon Feferman died on 26 July 2016 following 
a stroke. Sol is widely known among mathematicians, philosophers, and 
computer scientists for his contributions to many areas in mathematical 
logic and the philosophy of logic and mathematics. He provided the 
foundations for generalizations of the Gödel incompleteness theorems and 
the arithmetization and formalization of metamathematics in general. He 
shaped modern proof theory; in particular in ordinal analysis he 
determined the proof-theoretic ordinal of the predicative subsystem, known 
as the Schütte-Feferman ordinal. Building on earlier work by Turing, he 
proved results on iterated additions of proof-theoretic reflection 
principles to arithmetic. Sol's work on axiomatic theories of truth and, 
in particular, the Kripke-Feferman system has been highly influential. Sol 
often travelled together with his wife Anita, and they wrote together a 
celebrated biography of Sol's PhD supervisor Alfred Tarski. He was greatly 
affected by Anita's death last year.

-- BLC committee 
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