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Symposium "AI in the Wild" (Groningen, Oct 20, 2004)

Symposium 'AI in the Wild'
Cognition in dynamic environments


The symposium "Artificial Intelligence in the wild" will be organized at
the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the AI Institute Groningen on
Wednesday October 20th, before the BNAIC'04 conference The symposium will
be focusing on the achievements of the situated & embodied paradigm, in
contrast to logic-based approaches. The "wild" environment in this respect
covers both the natural and man-made environments and environments in
which the physical presence of the human user plays a central role in
man-machine interaction. Speakers will be invited who cover a number of
views on these topics.

Date and time: October 20 at 11.30
Location:  "Senaatskamer", Academiegebouw Rijksuniversiteit Groningen,
Broerstraat 5, Groningen