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UCLA Interdisciplinary Conference "Concepts of Cause" (Nov 2004, Los Angeles)

The First Annual UCLA Philosophy Department
Interdisciplinary Conference in the Philosophy & History of Science:
Concepts of Cause: Physics, Biology, History & Philosophy

Date: Sunday, November 7th
Time: 9:30am to 5:15pm (Doors Open at 8:30am, for Registration)
Place: UCLA Royce Hall 314

Talk Abstracts

Who Should Attend: Not only specialists in philosophy, history and
scientific research, but also any and all inquisitive persons interested
in increasing their understanding of the philosophy and history of

8:45am: Coffee and Registration
9:30am: "Causation and Gravitation", Chris Smeenk, UCLA Philosophy
10:30am: "Addressing Causality in the Cultural Realm of Science: The
Scientific and Industrial Revolutions", Margaret Jacob, UCLA History
11:30am: Lunch
1:00pm: "Various Notions of Cause in Classical Mechanics", Sheldon Smith,
UCLA Philosophy
2:00pm: "Quantum Causation and Faster-than-Light Signaling", Jeff Barrett,
UCI Logic & Philosophy of Science
3:00pm: Break
3:15pm: "Causation and Natural Selection:  Genes, Organisms, and
Pragmatic Virtues", P. Kyle Stanford, UCI Logic & Philosophy of Science
4:15pm: Panel: "Must concepts of cause be time, place & domain
specific, or can we develop a generalization valid across many fields
of inquiry and activity?"
Moderator: David Kaplan, UCLA Philosophy, Reichenbach Chair.
5:00pm: End of Conference

Convened by Chris Smeenk, Sheldon Smith and John Bragin
(jbragin@ucla.edu). The Conference is co-sponsored by the Southern
California History of Science Colloquium, the UC Irvine Interdisciplinary
Program in History & Philosophy of Science, and the UCLA Center for the
Study of Evolution & the Origin of Life (CSEOL), a research and education
unit of the UCLA Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics.