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Summer School on Topos Theory (Haute-Bodeux, Belgium, May/Jun 2005)


                        Haute-Bodeux, Belgium

                        29 May -- 5 June 2005

A Summer School on Topos Theory will be held in Haute-Bodeux, a village in
the Ardennes region of south-east Belgium, between 29 May 2005 (arrival
day) and 5 June 2005 (departure day). The primary aim of the meeting is to
provide students and young researchers who already have a working
knowledge of categories with an opportunity to learn something of the
diversity and richness of topos theory. However, more established
researchers in nearby fields who wish to learn more about topos theory are
also welcome.

Lectures will be given by the following (who constitute the Scientific
Committee of the meeting):

              Steve Awodey
              Peter Freyd
              Peter Johnstone
              Bill Lawvere
              Ieke Moerdijk
              Myles Tierney

In addition, there will be tutorials and workshops to reinforce the
material covered in the lectures, and (if time permits) there will be an
opportunity for participants to present talks on their own research.

The local organizer of the Summer School is Francis Borceux. It is
estimated that the total cost of the meeting will be about 1030 euros per
person: this covers the registration fee, transportation from and to the
airport or railway station, accommodation and meals (including drinks with
meals), social activities and an excursion. Unfortunately, the organizers
do not have funds available to provide any financial support.

Accommodation in Haute-Bodeux is strictly limited, and attendance at the
meeting will be by invitation only. However, anyone who wishes to be
considered for invitation, or to propose names of people who might be
invited, is asked to send an e-mail to

Peter Johnstone <ptj@dpmms.cam.ac.uk>

before the end of October 2004. (Those who have already responded to the
notices distributed at various meetings in summer 2004 need not e-mail

It is expected that invitations will be sent out early in November 2004.
Those invited will be sent formal letters of invitation to assist them in
obtaining funding, and will also be provided with a reading list of
material which may be assumed in the Summer School lectures.