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Two research-months "Computational Aspects of Infinity" (Singapore, June to August 2005)

Computational Prospects of Infinity (20 Jun - 15 Aug 2005)
NUS: National University of Singapore
IMS: Institute for Mathematical Sciences


Organizing Committee Chi Tat Chong (National University of Singapore), Qi
Feng (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China and National University of
Singapore), Theodore A. Slaman (University of California at Berkeley), W.
Hugh Woodin (University of California at Berkeley), Yue Yang (National
University of Singapore)

Invited Participants: J Steel, W H Woodin, Q Feng, G Fuchs, S Friedman,
M Gitik, J Hamkins, G Hjorth, R Jensen, A Kechris, W Mitchell, T Miyamoto,
I Neeman, R Schindler, P Welch, M Zeman, R Downey, T Slaman, K
Ambos-Spies, P Cholak, C Chong, S B Cooper, D Ding, S Goncharov, D
Hirschfeldt, C Jockusch, A Kucera, M Kumabe, S Lempp, M Lerman, A Li, H
Lu, A Nies, G Sacks, S Simpson, R Shore, R I Soare, R Solomon, A Sorbi, F
Stephan, K Tanaka, G Wu, Y Yang, L Yu


This two-month program on Computational Prospects of Infinity will focus
on recent developments in Set Theory and Recursion Theory, which are two
main branches of mathematical logic.

Topics for Set Theory will include topics related to Cantor's Continuum
Hypothesis (CH), with special attention paid to the importance of the
Omega Conjecture.  Topics for Recursion Theory will include recursive
enumerability and randomness.

Specifically, the program will focus on the following topics:

   1. Omega-conjecture
   2. Fine Structures
   3. Recursive Enumerability
   4. Effective Randomness


    * Two tutorials each consisting of 5 lectures. The primary purpose is
to provide background material to the participants, especially the student
participants, on the main topics of the program.
    * For the first month, the tutorials will be in Omega-logic (Woodin)
and Fine Structure (to be determined).
    * During the second month, the tutorials will be in Recursive
Enumerability (Slaman) and Effective Randomness (to be determined).

Seminars and Talks

    * Seminars and talks will be given by participants on recent results
latest developments related to the core themes of the programs.

IMS Membership is not required for participation in above activities. For
attendance at these activities, a registration form will be made available
when the dates are confirmed.

If you are an IMS member or are applying for IMS membership, you do not
need to register for these activities.