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Master Class "Cognitive Foundations of Interpretation", Amsterdam (October 2004)

Masterclass 'Cognitive Foundations of Interpretation'
October 29, 2004

Speakers: Judith Aissen, Gerhard Jaeger, Barbara Partee, Paul Smolensky

Location: Trippenhuis, Kloveniersburgwal 29, Amsterdam

As part of the Colloquium 'Cognitive Foundations of Interpretation' the
Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences organizes a masterclass on
29 October 2004 in Amsterdam, co-sponsored by the Cognition Programme of
the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research. There are lectures
by Judith Aissen, Gerhard Jaeger, Barbara Partee, and Paul Smolensky about
topics in the area of linguistic explanation, semantic interpretation and
cognitive architecture. The masterclass is intended for PhD students in
linguistics and cognitive science and has an advanced level. If you
already hold a doctoral degree, your name will be placed on a waiting
list, because PhD students have priority. Details about the program can be
found on http://www.let.rug.nl/~gerlof/knaw/masterclass.html. Those who
are interested are asked to register by sending an email to
gerlof@let.rug.nl before October 1. Participation is free, but since there
is a limited capacity, only registered students can attend. There will be
no registration on site.

Organizing committee: Gerlof Bouma (Groningen), Petra Hendriks
(Groningen), Helen de Hoop (Nijmegen), Irene Kraemer (Nijmegen), Henriette
de Swart (Utrecht), Joost Zwarts (Utrecht).