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Professorial Silver Jubilee Symposium Rozenberg (Leiden, Sep 2004)

Silver Jubilee ROZENBERG

This year it is 25 years ago that Prof. Dr. Grzegorz Rozenberg was
appointed as a full professor of Theoretical Computer Science at Leiden
University. To celebrate this Silver Jubilee, on Friday 17 September 2004
a symposium in his honour giving an impression of his interests over the
past 25 years will be held in Leiden. You are cordially invited to attend
this symposium and the reception afterwards.


13:00 	Welcome
13:20 	Opening
13:30 	Prof. dr. Dirk Janssens (Antwerp)
  	"There are no Grammars like Graph Grammars"
14:00 	Prof. dr. Jan Willem Klop (Amsterdam)
  	"Vicious Circles in Term Rewriting"
14:30 	Break
14:50 	Prof. dr. Herman Spaink (Leiden)
  	"Molecular Computing or Biomagic"
15:20 	Prof. dr. Jan van Leeuwen (Utrecht)
  	"Evolutionary Ideas in Complexity Theory"
15:50 	Break
16:10 	Prof. dr. Wil van der Aalst (Eindhoven)
  	"Discovering Petri Nets"
16:40 	Closing, Prof. dr. Joost Kok (Leiden)
17.00 	Reception

Participation is free. However for organizational reasons we would
appreciate if you register your intended participation to the symposium
and/or the reception. If you have not yet registered but you are planning
to attend, please let us know as soon as possible via

The symposium will take place in room 201 (second floor; next to the
orange elevators) of the Oort Building/Huygens Laboratory, Niels Bohrweg
2, Leiden. This is right next to the Computer Science building (Snellius),
at the Niels Bohrweg 1. You can use the same parking place to park your

The reception will be held at the Snellius building in the Foobar (ground
floor). It will end around 18.30.

Instructions how to reach both buildings can be found on our webpage:

For more information you can contact us via the above-mentioned e-mail

Jetty Kleijn
Marloes van der Nat