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Obituaries Kees Vermeulen

To my great sadness, our colleague Kees Vermeulen died on August 19, in
Auckland, New Zealand.

Kees obtained his PhD in September 1994, at Utrecht University, on the
Thesis `Explorations of the Dynamic Environment'. Jan van Eijck was his
promotor and Albert Visser was his co-promotor. After that Kees worked as
a postdoc at Utrecht University, the CWI and the Free University of
Amsterdam. In 2003, he departed to New Zealand to work as Lecturer in
Logic at the Department of Philosophy in Auckland.

I will remember Kees as a thoughtful and loyal colleague of remarkable
intellectual integrity, with great devotion to research.

Albert Visser
Scientific Director, Dutch Research School in Logic


With great sorrow we learned that Kees Vermeulen suddenly died August 19
in Auckland, New Zealand.  Kees suffered from a hyper-thyroid condition
that was identified too late.

In the period May 2001 - August 2003 Kees worked in the PNA1 project
as a postdoc in a SION project of the first undersigned.  Soon after
that he emigrated to New Zealand where he took up a job in the Department
of Philosophy at the University of Auckland.

In September 1994 Kees got a PhD at the University of Utrecht with the
second undersigned as his supervisor. In the year that followed he was
a post-doc in a SION collaborative project between CWI and the
Universities of Utrecht and Amsterdam, of the second undersigned.

We shall always remember Kees as an extremely peaceful, graceful and
honest colleague and scientist. If you want to contact Kees's family, his
father's adress can be obtained via Jan van Eijck, <Jan.van.Eijck@cwi.nl>.

Krzysztof Apt
Jan van Eijck