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Lauener Symposium on Analytic Philosophy (P. Suppes wins Lauener Prize; Sep 9-10, 2004, Bern, Switzerland)

Lauener Foundation for Analytical Philosophy

Lauener Prize Award Ceremony
Thursday 09 September 2004, 17.00

Prizewinner 2004: Patrick Suppes (Stanford University)
Laudatio: Dagfinn F?llesdal (Universitetet i Oslo/Stanford University)

1st International Lauener Symposium on Analytical Philosophy
Friday 10 September 2004, 09.00 - 17.00

 (*) Patrick Suppes  (Stanford University)
 (*) Dagfinn F?llesdal  (Universitetet i Oslo/Stanford University)
 (*) Nancy Cartwright  (London School of Economics and Political
       Science/University of California at San Diego)
 (*) Wilhelm K. Essler  (Universit?t Frankfurt a. M.)
 (*) Steven French  (University of Leeds)
 (*) Stephan Hartmann  (London School of Economics and Political
       Science/Universit?t Konstanz)

Venue:  Haus der Universit?t, Schl?sslistrasse 5, Bern, Switzerland


- On foot: The Haus der Universit?t is a five to ten minutes' walk from
Bern's main station.

- By bus: From the main station take bus 11 (direction G?terbahnhof) and
alight at City West. Continue walking in the direction of the bus and turn
left into Schl?sslistrasse.

- By car: The Bern-Forsthaus autobahn connection is in the immediate
vicinity, and you can park at the Parkhaus City-West car parking facility.

Dr. Michael Frauchiger
Manager of the Lauener-Stiftung
e-mail: michael.frauchiger@bluewin.ch
B?cklinstr. 13
CH-3006 Bern
Tel./Fax: +41 (0)31 352 01 02


Admission is free.

Those who would like to take lunch at the Haus der Universit?t on Friday
10 September are kindly requested to register in writing (see contact
above) and pay CHF 28.-- in advance. Please indicate if you prefer a
vegetarian diet. Registration and payment deadline: 01 September 2004.