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8th Galway Topology Colloquium: Polish Groups, Polish Actions and Applications (June 2004)

Galway Topology Colloquium
June 21 and 22, 2004

The 8th Galway Topology Colloquium will take place in NUI Galway on June
21 and 22, 2004. The Colloquia series was established in Galway in 1997
and has since rotated annually between the centres of (set theoretic and
general) topological research in Ireland and the UK. Its particular focus
is on the active participation of all who attend to promote a spirit of
training, learning and communicating. Thus the atmosphere is informal and
graduate students are especially encouraged to attend and to contribute a
talk of topological content, whether on established classical results,
techniques or research, recent or otherwise.

A series of lectures on `Polish Groups, Polish Actions and Applications'
will be presented by invited speaker Paul Gartside (University of
Pittsburgh). Other speakers include Chris Good (Birmingham), Robin Knight
(Oxford), Ralph Kopperman (CUNY), Brian McMaster (Belfast), Homeira
Pajoohesh (UCC), Dona Strauss (Hull), Rolf Suabedissen (Oxford) and Sergio
Ardanzo-Trevijano (Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona).

Participants are asked to register using the registration form on the 
conference www-page.

Dr Aisling.McCluskey
Department of Mathematics