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Silver Professorial Jubilee G.Rozenberg (Leiden, September 2004)


This year it is 25 years ago that Prof. Dr. Grzegorz Rozenberg was
appointed as a full professor of Theoretical Computer Science at Leiden
University. To celebrate this Silver Jubilee, a symposium in his honour
will be held in Leiden on Friday 17 September 2004. You are cordially
invited to attend the symposium.

Preliminary Program

13:00 Welcome
13:20 Opening
13:30 Prof. dr. Dirk Janssens (Antwerp)
        "There are no Grammars like Graph Grammars"
14:00 Prof. dr. Jan Willem Klop (Amsterdam)
        "Vicious Circles in Term Rewriting"
14:30 Pauze
14:50 Prof. dr. Herman Spaink (Leiden)
        "Molecular Computing or Biomagic"
15:20 Prof. dr. Jan van Leeuwen (Utrecht)
	"Evolutionary Ideas in Complexity Theory"
15:50 Pauze
16:10 Prof. dr. Wil van der Aalst (Eindhoven)
        "Discovering Petri Nets"
16:40 Closing, Prof. dr. Joost Kok (Leiden)
17.00 Reception

Jetty Kleijn (kleijn@liacs.nl)
Marloes van der Nat (marloes@liacs.nl)