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New OUP Monograph: Reductive Logic and Proof-search

Readers of these lists may be interested in the following new monograph in
OUP's Oxford Logic Guides series (number 45):

Reductive Logic and Proof-search: Proof Theory, Semantics, and Control by
David Pym and Eike Ritter.


also linked from http://www.bath.ac.uk/~cssdjp


Foreword by Lincoln Wallen
1 Deductive Logic, Reductive Logic, and Proof-search
2 Lambda-calculi for Intuitionistic and Classical Proofs
3 The Semantics of Intuitionistic and Classical Proofs
4 Proof Theory for Reductive Logic
5 Semantics for Reductive Logic
6 Intuitionistic and Classical Proof-search and Their Semantics

With thanks,

    David Pym