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PhD Studentship in Logic and Computation; Manchester

deadline: 2004-06-18

Please bring the following announcement to the attention of any final year
or MSc students who are looking to do a PhD in Logic and Computing;

The Department of Computing and Mathematics has one, three year, PhD
studentship available in Logic and Computation starting in
September/October 2004. The studentship is open to EU or UK nationals who
have, or expect to gain, either a good honors degree or a master_s degree
in an appropriate subject (which should include logic). The studentship
will attract a minimum bursary of ?10,500 tax free with annual increment
of approximately ?500.

The project is focused on investigation of logical consequence in
non-standard logics, originating in AI and Computer Science.  The prime
focus of the research will be logical inference in modal intransitive and
multi-modal logics. Therefore student_s should have a good background in
mathematical tools of modal logic, ideally including Kripke models and
varieties of modal algebras.

The studentship will be supervised by Dr.Vladimir Rybakov who has more
than 20 years experience in non-standard mathematical logic and has
successfully directed seven Ph.D students, and has published two books and
numerous papers in the area (cf.

Candidates wishing to apply should send a CV together with the names and
addresses of two academic referees to Dr. Vladimir Rybakov, Department of
Computing and mathematics, Manchester Metropolitan University, M1 5GD or
e-mail them to V.Rybakov@mmu.ac.uk. The closing date for applications is
Friday the 18th of June 2004.