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Dutch Proof Tools Day, July 2004 (Nijmegen, NL)

*                 Dutch Proof Tools Day
*                           July 9 2004
*            University of Nijmegen (CZ N4)
*            www.cs.kun.nl/fnds/prooftools

The Foundations group of the NIII, University of Nijmegen will be
organising the Dutch Proof Tools Day 2004. The aim is to bring together
researchers that use (or develop) proof tools to discuss the use,
applicability and background of proof tools. More specifically, it
provides a forum for young researchers to get in touch with other proof
tools users and exchange experiences.

The talks will be in room CZ N4 (ground floor). See the website for
details on how to reach the campus, the building and the room.

We charge a fee of 10 Euros, covering coffee/tea, lunch, proceedings and
drinks. We will organise a dinner in the city of Nijmegen afterwards.
(This is not covered by the 10 Euros).

Please register in advance by sending a mail to prooftools@cs.kun.nl (and
please indicate whether you want to join the dinner).



10h00 Coffee & Welcome

10h30 Michael Beeson, invited speaker (San Jos? State University), The
Quest for Certainty

11h15 Coffee

11h30 Hui Gao (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen), A Formal Reduction for
Lock-free Parallel Algorithms

12h00 Sara van Langenhove (U. Gent), Integrating Cadence SMV in the
Verification of UML Software

12h30 Lunch

14h00 Jacques Carette, invited speaker (McMaster University), An overview
of MathScheme

14h30 Arthur van Leeuwen (U. Utrecht), Theorem proving as a tool in a
programmer's toolkit

15h00 Lu?s Cruz-Filipe (K.U. Nijmegen), C-CoRN: The Constructive Coq
Repository at Nijmegen

15h30 Coffee

16h00 Femke van Raamsdonk (V.U. Amsterdam), Well-foundedness of the
recursive path ordering in Coq

16h30 Hans Zantema (T.U. Eindhoven), TORPA: Termination of Rewriting
Proved Automatically

17h00 Drinks & Discussion