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FotFS V: Infinite Games (Bonn, November 2004)

Organized jointly by the Mathematical Logic Group in Bonn and the ILLC in 
Amsterdam, the RhFWU Bonn will host the conference

  Foundations of the Formal Sciences V (FotFS V)
  Infinite Games

from Nov 26 to Nov 29, 2004. Invited Speakers are: I.Hodkinson (London 
UK), A.Andretta (Torino), N.Dobrinen (State College PA), M.Scheepers 
(Boise ID), S.Abramsky (Oxford UK), K.Kelly (Pittsburgh PA), H.Sabourian 
(Cambridge UK), B.Skyrms (Irvine CA).

A Call for Papers will follow within the next weeks. More information can 
be found at the webpage


The Scientific & Organizing Committee
[S.Bold B.de Bruin P.Koepke B.Loewe Th.Raesch J.van Benthem]