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Workshop "Holistic Epistemology and Action Theory" (Leipzig, June 2004)


Leipzig, June 24-27, 2004


Wolfgang Detel, Frankfurt
Margaret Gilbert, Storrs/Conn.
Ingvar Johansson, Umea u. Leipzig
Frank Kannetzky, Leipzig
Lars Lundsten, Helsinki
Ruth Millikan, Storrs/Conn.
Bernt ?sterman, Helsinki
Nikos Psarros, Leipzig
Arto Siitonen, Helsinki
Barry Smith, Buffalo/NY u. Leipzig
Pirmin Stekeler-Weithofer, Leipzig
Michael Thompson, Pittsburgh/Pa.
Deborah Tollefsen, Memphis/Tenn.
Raimo Tuomela, Helsinki


The main aim of the workshop is the analysis of possible answers to these
problems in theories of action and knowledge. More precisely, we want to
compare two kinds of answers: Those given by naturalist accounts (or
theories) and those given by culturalist accounts (or theories) of action
and knowledge. The latter reject the individualistic reduction of
collective actions. They also claim that acquiring knowledge is not an
individual process. Both accounts can be empiricist, phenomenological or
pragmatist. Therefore we have chosen the labels naturalist and culturalist
in order to mark a distinction that often coincides with the difference
between individualistic and holistic positions. There are also two
particular aims: (1) Discussion of pragmatism, culturalism and naturalism
as possible approaches in explaining the relationship between acting and
acquiring knowledge. (2) How can we understand the interdependence of
acting and acquiring knowledge in view of the apparent hermeneutic
circles? Additionally to these philosophical aims we want to provide
younger scholars the opportunity to develop their own ideas in discussion
with senior scientists and philosophers on the topic of communication and