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Proceedingsband "Foundations of the Formal Sciences II" (Konferenz in Bonn 2000)

"Foundations of the Formal Sciences II"

edited by B.Loewe, W.Malzkorn, Th.Raesch is the proceedings volume of the
conference held in Bonn on "Applications of Mathematical Logic in
Philosophy and Linguistics" in the year 2000.

The volume contains contributions of J.van Benthem, L.Bovens, S.Hartmann,
L.Horsten, M.Kracht, A.ter Meulen, H.-J.Tiede and many others.

[The conference series has been continued with FotFS III in Vienna and
FotFS IV in Bonn; November 2004 will be the next installment, FotFS V on
the topic of "Infinite Games".]