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CfP: Special Issue of Studia Logica on Reasoning about Action and Change

Call for Papers

Special Issue of Studia Logica
on Reasoning about Action and Change

An intelligent agent needs to be equipped with certain high-level
cognitive capabilities in order to meet the challenges of a rich, dynamic
environment. Among these capabilities, Reasoning about Action and rational
Belief Change, are considered two of the most fundamental.

Research in these areas has made significant progress during the last
three decades. In Reasoning about Actions, much of the research has
focused on the design of appropriate logics for dealing effectively with
the frame, ramification, and qualification problems in progressively
richer domains. In Belief Change, formal models have been introduced (and
studied extensively) that capture the process by which a rational agent
modifies her beliefs in the light of new information. The two areas are
closely connected, especially when the agent changes her beliefs in
response to changes in the external world (belief update), or when
reasoning about action is based on observations from noisy sensors.

As the various formalisms in Reasoning about Action and Belief Change are
reaching a satisfactory level of stability and effectiveness in dealing
with the conceptual problems, the research community is diverting part of
its effort in tackling computational considerations as well as applying
the theoretical work in domains like the Semantic Web and Cognitive

This special issue of Studia Logica will be devoted to papers on Belief
Change, Reasoning about Action, and their inter-relations. Four of its
papers will be invited ones while the rest will be selected based on peer

The special issue will contain the following invited contributions:

James Delgrande, Abhaya Nayak, Maurice Pagnucco,
   "Conservative Belief Change: A Gricean Approach",
Richard Booth, Samir Chopra, Aditya Ghose, Thomas Meyer,
   "Belief Liberation (and Retraction)",
Chitta Baral, Nam Tran, "Representation and reasoning about
   evolution of the world in the context of reasoning about actions",
Graciela Gonzalez, Chitta Baral, Michael Gelfond, "Alan: An
    Action Language for Modelling Multimedia Presentations Using
    Non-Markovian Domains"

Submission of papers

Submitted papers should not exceed 20 pages (including bibliography),
formatted according to the Studia Logica LaTeX style (see
http://www.studialogica.org/authorsinfo.html). Only electronic submissions
will be accepted. The authors should send an email with subject Logica
Submission to both guest editors (see below), with the file of the paper
as an attachment (in postscript or pdf format), and the following
information in the body of the email in plain text: Paper title. Author
names. Surface mail, email address, and phone number of the contact
author. A short abstract and up to five keywords.

Important dates

Deadline for Submission: May 15, 2004 
Notification of Acceptance: July 15, 2004
Camera Ready Copy Due: September 15, 2004 

Guest Editors

Gerhard Brewka
Computer Science Institute 
University of Leipzig, Augustusplatz 10-11 
04109 Leipzig, Germany
Email: brewka@informatik.uni-leipzig.de
Tel: +49 341 9 73 22 35 
Fax: +49 341 9 73 22 99 

Pavlos Peppas
Dept of Business Administration
University of Patras
Patras 265 00, Greece
Email: ppeppas@otenet.gr
Tel: +30 6974 399 683