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MAMLS at American University, April 2004

The April 2004 meeting of the MidAtlantic Mathematical Logic Seminar
(MAMLS) will take place at American University (AU), in Washington D.C.,
on Saturday, April 24. The organizers of the meeting are Ali Enayat
(enayat@american.edu) and Michael Moses (moses@gwu.edu).

AU Location: Ward Circle Building, Room 5

09:00 - 09:30   Breakfast
09:30 - 10:30   Andreas Blass (Ultra-non-filters)
10:30-11:30     Tomek Bartoszynski (On Combinatorial Properties that Hold
                in the Miller Model)
11:30 - 12:30   Alfred Dulich (Some New Results and Examples on
                Axiomatizing Trivial Uncountably Categorical Structures)
12:30 - 02:00   Lunch
02:00 - 03:00   Ermek Nurkhaidarov (On the Automorphism Group of an
                Arithmetically Saturated Model of Peano Arithemetic)
03:30 - 04:00   Tea break
04:00 - 05:00   James Schmerl (Lattices of Substructures of Models of
                Peano Arithmetic)

Additional information is available on the conference web page

This meeting is partially supported by American University and George
Washington University.