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8th Symposium on Logic and Language (Hungary, August 2004)

The Eighth Symposium on Logic and Language
Debrecen, Hungary
August 26-28, 2004


The Eighth Symposium on Logic and Language will be held in Debrecen from 
26th to 28th of August, 2004. The Symposium is organised by the 
Linguistics Department and the Philosophy Department of the University of 
Debrecen, in conjunction with the Research Institute for Linguistics of 
the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Budapest).

The programme will also include a special series of short lectures given 
by members of the Advisory and Review Board as well as keynote lectures by 
Chris Fox & Shalom Lappin (joint lecture), and Paul Dekker.


Tamas Mihalydeak (chair - logic)
Laszlo Hunyadi (chair - linguistics)
Eniko Toth (organizer)
Gyorgy Rakosi (organizer)