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ASL Spring and Annual Meeting 2004 (Chicago and Pittsburgh)

ASL Spring Meeting 2004
  (in association with the APA Central meeting)
  Chicago IL, April 23-24
  Speakers: Th.Hofweber, G.Wheeler, J.Hintikka, and others
  Symposia on "Frege's Contribution to Logic"
              "The Philosophy of Proof Theory"
              "Category Theory and Structuralism"
  See: http://apa.udel.edu/apa

ASL Annual Meeting 2004
  Carnegie Mellon University
  Pittsburgh PA
  May 19-23, 2004
  Tutorials: T.Pitassi, J.Avigad
  Invited Speakers: A.MacIntyre, S.Jackson, J.Baldwin, K.Kunen, M.Rabin,
    P.Maddy, L.Beklemishev, M.Hallett, V.Harizanov, J.Miller, M.Rathjen,
    P.Vitanyi, j.McCarthy, W.Howard, D.Scott
  Special Sessions: Set Theory, Goedel and Mathematical Logic in the
    20th century, Logical Foundations of Programming Semantics, Logic and
  Panel Discussion on Logic in Computer Science Education

[Next meetings: ASL Summer Meeting 2004, July 2004, Torino, Italy;
                ASL Winter Meeting 2004-05, January 2005, Atlanta GA;
                ASL Annual Meeting 2005, March 2005, Stanford CA]