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ACRI 2004 - International Conference on Cellular Automata, Amsterdam, Oct 2004

Sixth International conference on
         Cellular Automata for Research and Industry

             From individual to collective behaviour

                  October 25-28, 2004

University of Amsterdam, Science Park Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Dear Scientist,

We kindly bring to your attention the ACRI 2004 conference - featuring the
von Neumann 100th anniversary memorial session - and invite you to submit
a research paper to this challenging event.

We welcome original contributions related to the following domains:

* Complex systems, emergent behaviour versus local behaviour
* Environment: (Pollution models, biomass evolution, erosion processes,
  landslides, etc)
* Biological systems: (ecological models, species evolution, immune
  systems, contamination processes, artificial life)
* Socio-economical models: (vehicular and pedestrian traffic, urbanism,
  social models, economical and financial processes, etc.)
* Tools and Theory: (new algorithms based on CA, theory of computation,
  CA environments,  parallel cellular computing)
* Modelling of physical or chemical systems: (hydrodynamics, reaction
  diffusion systems, complex flows, etc)

P.M.A Sloot (Chair)  (University of Amsterdam, sloot@science.uva.nl)
B.Chopard (Co-Chair) (University of Geneva,
A.G. Hoekstra (Local Organization)(University of Amsterdam,