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PhD Program in Logic and Foundations of Mathematics, Barcelona (Spain)

Ph. D. Program
Logic and Foundations of Mathematics



The goal of the program is to train researchers in Logic and closely
related topics. Our plan is first to provide the basic training that any
logician must have and then to develop the research skills of the students
by centering the training on the topics where the groups participating in
the Program have their research, namely: Algebraic Logic, Many-valued
Logics and Non-classical Logics in general, Model Theory, Philosophy of
Mathematics, and Set Theory. The Ph. D. dissertations should correspond to
one of these topics.

This Program is organized by the Departament of Logic, History and
Philosophy of Science of the Universitat de Barcelona (UB), with the
collaboration of the Departament of Applied Mathematics II of the
Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC), of the Research Institute in
Artificial Intelligence of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones
Cientificas (IIIA-CSIC) and of the Institucio Catalana de Recerca i
Estudis Avancats (ICREA).

Maximum number of students: 16

The courses start around 1st October 2004.

Seriously interested candidates are strongly advised to apply for
admission as soon as possible. They should do so by sending a curriculum
vitae to the Coordinator of the Program. Normally a prompt reply is to be
expected. In case of a too large number of confirmed applications,
admission will be decided by September 15 on the basis of the cv's.