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Keldysh-100, Geometric Topology, Discrete Geometry and Set Theory (Moscow, August 2004)

The Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) and Moscow State University (MSU)  
will hold an International Conference on


at Moscow between 24 - 28 August, 2004
IN CELEBRATION OF THE CENTENNIAL of Ljudmila Vsevolodovna Keldysh

Organizing and Scientific Committee.
Chairman: Sergey Novikov (RAS)
A.V. Chernavsky (MSU),
E.V. Shchepin (Steklov Institute)

Scopes and Themes.

The conference will cover the areas of L.V. Keldysh's scientific interests
as well as some modern development in geometry, topology, and set theory.

There will be four sections:
Geometric Topology (A.V. Chernavsky , E.V. Shchepin)
Set Theory (V.V. Fedorchuk, V.G. Kanovei, V.A. Lyubetsky)
Topology of Low Dimensions (S.V. Matveev)
Combinatorial geometry and algebraic topology (V.M. Buchstaber)

Conference Format.

Invited one-hour speakers for the General Plenary Sessions (by the
invitation from the Organizing and Scientific Committee). Invited 45-min
speakers for the Thematic Plenary Sessions (by the invitation from the
Organizers of the Thematic Sessions). Contributed 20-min talks (by the
selection of the Organizers of the Thematic Sessions).


The Organizers will arrange for a visa and transfer from and to
Sheremetevo airport for all Western participants. Unfortunately Russian
scientific institutions have very limited funds of financial support of
participants, and therefore those willing to participate in the Conference
are encouraged to apply for Western foundations. The Organizers will
provide suitable official letters in support of such applications if


A limited number of participants can be accommodated at "STUDENT HOUSE",
the dormitory located directly in the main building of the Moscow State
University. It offers blocks consisting of two small rooms; each block is
equipped with a shower and a toilet. Prices range $15 - $20 For details
see http://www.msu.ru/english/info/host/ds.htm Accommodation at nearby
hotels at all levels of comfort is an alternative but more expensive
option. Normally the hotels require the reservations to be made in a
centralized way through our Organizing Committee.

Call for abstracts.
Please email your abstracts (latex) to 1.May 2004

Correspondence and Information.
Postal Address: 
LVKeldysh-100 Conference,
Steklov Mathematical Institute, Gubkin str. 8,
119991, Moscow, Russia

Electronic Address: keldysh-100@mi.ras.ru

Website: http://keldysh-100.mi.ras.ru/