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Internship for Automatic Speech Recognition in Japan (Atsugi City, Deadline March 12, 2004 !)

Asahi Kasei is accepting applications directly for the following 


Internship program for a period of one year in Atsugi City, Kanagawa, 

Automatic speech recognition for Chinese, Korean, German, Spanish,
Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and American English development of
acoustic/language models for speech recognition in each language. The
position for Swedish project has just been filled. Thank you for your
applications. See our speech recognition technology website for related


    * Native speaker of one of the above languages (you were born and have 
      been educated in each home country)
    * Applicants for Chinese speech recognition project are required to 
      have an ability in Mandarin and in one major regional dialect, 
      preferably Cantonese or Shanghai dialect.
    * Computer science expertise
    * C++ programming experience in Windows, UNIX, or Linux
    * Preferably, Microsoft VC++ and Windows programming
    * Term of stay
          o Swedish, Chinese, Korean and American English Project: Able to 
            stay 12 months in Japan (beginning in July or August, 2004)
          o German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch Project : Able 
            to stay 6 - 12 months in Japan (beginning in July or August, 
    * English communication ability (Japanese ability desirable but not 


    * Dormitory accommodation
    * Bed, bedding, electricity, water, and gas
    * Round trip airfare (economy class)
    * Living allowance (JPY 150,000 per month)


Applicants for the each project should submit:

(1) a resume,

(2) the reason why you are applying for the internship,

(3) a professor's letter of recommendation

(4) a WAV or MP3 file of a recording of your own voice in English and in
your native language reading a text linked on the webpage, and

(5) make sure to include "Project 1" as a title of your email or
application materials.

Deadline: Friday March 12, 2004

Project 1 : Send applications to

Internship Program Staff
Voice Interface Project
Asahi Kasei Corporation
By e-mail:
(in PDF, TXT, or RTF format)

By post:
Voice Interface Project
Atsugi AXT Main Tower 22F,
3050 Okada, Atsugi, Kanagawa 243-0021

By fax: