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M.Sc. Programme in Logic, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

deadline: 2004-03-15

Please distribute among potentially interested students.
The canonical candidate for the M.Sc. Programme of Logic
has a B.A. degree (or equivalent credentials) in either
mathematics, philosophy, linguistics or computer science
and is strongly interested in an interdisciplinary
approach to logic.

Interdisciplinary and international MSc programme in Logic

  The English-language MSc programme in Logic is a two-year international
programme that has been in existence for nine years. The programme is
organized by the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC), an
interdisciplinary institute with members from computer science,
philosophy, cognitive science, (computational) linguistics and

  The MSc programme reflects these interdisciplinary aspects. Students
enter with a bachelor's degree in mathematics, philosophy, linguistics,
computer science, AI or other neighbouring fields. Students can choose one
of four specialisations:

(*) Logic and Mathematics
(*) Logic and Computation
(*) Logic and Philosophy
(*) Logic and Language

  Students can thus keep in touch with their original major while
simultaneously enjoying common goals and interests with students from a
wide variety of backgrounds.

---Student profile---

The student should be fluent in formal reasoning. Students must
demonstrate affinity with mathematical thinking and some familiarity with
mathematical proofs. Students with a European bachelor in mathematics,
computer science, philosophy or linguistics will be accepted
automatically.  Other students will be judged according to their academic
record and motivation.

Motivated students with an excellent academic record may request waivers,
which could enable them to finish the programme in one year.

---Tuition fee 2004---

(*) EU/EEA students: EUR 1,476 
(*) Non EU/EEA students: EUR 4,500 

---English proficiency---

(*) minimum TOEFL score: 550 (213 for the computer based test)


Please contact the programme manager or visit the programme webpage for an
application form.  For practical reasons, students should apply before
March 15. After this date we will not be able to guarantee housing and
timely visa application.

Programme Director: Prof. Dr. Dick de Jongh
Programme Coordinator: Dr. Benedikt L?we
Programme Manager: Amanda Collins <MSc-Logic@science.uva.nl>