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RelMiCS8, St.Catharines ON (Canada), Feb 2005

8th International Conference on
             Relational Methods in Computer Science (RelMiCS 8)

           =09=09    in combination with the

=09=09=09  COST 274 / TARSKI Workshops

=09=09=09=09    and the=09=09=09

=09=09=093rd International Workshop on
                       =09Applications of Kleene Algebra

                              February 22-26, 2005
                        St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

The purpose of this meeting is to bring together researchers from various
subdisciplines of Computer Science and Mathematics who use the calculus of
relations and/or Kleene algebra as methodological and conceptual tools in
their work.

The relational calculus originated with Tarski's abstract algebraic
treatment of binary relations in 1941. Kleene Algebra is a related
algebraic system. It was first introduced by Kleene in 1956 and further
developed by Conway in 1971.

Topics of this conference include but are not limited to:
- Relation, Cylindric, Fork and Kleene Algebras
- Relational proof theory and decidability issues
- Relational representation theorems
- Applications to programming, databases and analysis of data, such as:
   * Semantics of programming languages, program verification, specificatio
     and development and program analysis
   * Assertion calculi, modal and dynamic logic, interval and temporal logi
   * Duration calculus and timed automata
   * Process and network algebras
   * Modeling real world situations
   * Relational reasoning in qualitative physics and cognitive science
   * Knowledge acquisition, preference modeling, and scaling methods
- Computer systems for relational knowledge representation

Previous RelMiCS meetings were held in 
=091) Dagstuhl, Germany (1994)
=092) Parati, Brazil (1995)
=093) Hammamet, Tunesia (1997)
=094) Warsaw, Poland (1998)
=095) Qu?bec, Canada (2000)
=096) Oisterwijk, The Netherlands (2001)
=097) Malente, Germany (2003)

A call for papers will follow.

Contact: info@relmics8.org