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Logic, Algebra and Geometry, St.Petersburg (Russia), June 2004

St.Petersburg Department of Steklov Mathematical Institute
Euler International Mathematical Institute
Russian Academy of Sciences
Logic, Algebra and Geometry
June 1-7, 2004
St.Petersburg, Russia


The meeting "Logic, Algebra and Geometry", June 1-7, 2004 will take place
in St. Petersburg in the Euler Mathematical Institute. The meeting is
endorsed by the Russian Academy of Sciences and the American Mathematical

The main themes of the meeting include model theory, descriptive and
combinatorial set theory, combinatorial group theory and the recently
discovered connections of these areas with other areas of mathematics.

The meeting will consist of Invited Talks and Contributed Papers sessions.  
Also, there will be three tutorials given by A.Vershik (St.Petersburg
Department of Steklov Institute), O.Lessmann (Oxford) and Su Gao (North

We invite contributed talks. The deadline for sending abstracts of
contributed talks is April 1, 2004. Abstracts of contributed talks have to
be sent to the following electronic mail address:  

Invited speakers of the conference include:

J. Baldwin (Illinois, Chicago)
A. Blass (Michigan, Ann Arbor)
J. Brendle (Kobe)
P. Cameron (London, QMC)
Yu.Ershov (Novosibirsk)
M. Forti (Pisa)
Su Gao (North Texas)
M. Gavrilovich (Oxford)
E. Gordon (Eastern Illinois)
G. Hjorth (UCLA)
T. Hyttinen (Helsinki)
O. Lessmann (Oxford)
M. di Nasso (Pisa)
O. Spinas (Kiel)
J. Steprans (Toronto)
S. Thomas (Rutgers)
S. Todorcevic (Paris 7, Toronto, Belgrade)
V. Tolstykh (Kemerovo)
B. Velickovic (Paris 7)
A. Vershik (St.Petersburg Department of Steklov Institute)
Yi Zhang (GuangZhou)