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HSCC 2004, Philadelphia PA, March 2004

Hybrid Systems : Computation and Control
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA
March 25-27, 2004 


The Seventh International Workshop on Hybrid Systems : Computation and
Control (HSCC 2004), will be held at the Hilton Inn at Penn on the campus
of the University of Pennsylvania , from March 25-27, 2004. The annual
workshop on hybrid systems attracts researchers from academia and industry
interested in modeling, analysis, and implementation of dynamic and
reactive systems involving both discrete and continuous behaviors.  The
previous workshops in the HSCC series of were held in Berkeley, USA
(1998), Nijmegen, The Netherlands (1999), Pittsburgh, USA (2000), Rome,
Italy (2001), Palo Alto, USA (2002), and Prague, Czech Republic (2003).