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Social Software. Copenhagen DK, May 2004

--- Social Software ---

  MAY 27-29, 2004, Copenhagen, Denmark


The study of social interaction utilizing formal and/or systematic 
modelling techniques has in recent years seen a revival in the social 
sciences. This is due to a series of new developments and movements in 
decision theory, game theory and the methodology of model construction. 
These new developments offer promising novel solutions to, and 
illuminating perspectives on, the problems and paradoxes associated with 
the systematic study of social interaction. The new trends in 'social 
software' have significant implications for the understanding of the 
systematic approaches to social interaction and the understanding of 
actual social phenomena.

The conference brings together new foundational research as well as 
applications in social software from such diverse fields as philosophical 
logic, sociology, economics and computer science. The ambition is to 
assess the philosophical and sociological implications arising from the 
new movements, e.g.:

    * How do systematic techniques relate to real world phenomena, such as
      morality, social norms and language?
    * What are the consequences of the development of evolutionary game
      theory for game theoretical approaches to social interaction?
    * What do various results in philosophical logic and probability
      theory reveal about rationality, agent interaction and common

Lectures on these and related questions will be given by some of the most 
prominent researchers in this new interdisciplinary field. All 
presentations will be of such a nature that they may be followed by 
advanced students and scholars in philosophy, economics, sociology and 
computer science provided with general knowledge of foundational issues.


Ken Binmore / The ESRC ELSE Centre at University College London (UK)
Wiebe van der Hoek / University of Liverpool (UK)
Magnus Jiborn / Lund University (Sweden)
Rohit Parikh / City University of New York (USA)
   "States of Knowledge and Social Software"
Robert van Rooij / ILLC - University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Wlodek Rabinowicz / Lund University (Sweden)
Hans Rott / University of Regensburg (Germany)
Brian Skyrms / University of California, Irvine (USA)
   "Learning to Network: Some Dynamic Models of Social Network Formation"