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PNC04 (Petri Nets), Bologna Italy June 2004


	CFP for PNC04 workshop
	First International Workshop on Coordination and Petri Nets
	Bologna, Italy 21 June, 2004



The objective of the First International Workshop on Petri Nets and
Coordination is to bring together researchers and practitioners interested
in the broader issues of describing and analyzing coordination and
interaction problems using Petri Nets or similar formalisms. Coordination
is necessary to enable efficient resource use, synchronization of agent
actions, and informed balancing of decision tradeoffs in achieving agents'
goals. Diverse perspectives and approaches are of interest including
models of coordination, integration of heterogeneous services, control of
interactions at social and organizational levels,, behavioral modeling of
multi-agent interactions, support tools for engineering coordination

Participation at the Workshop will be by invitation only and will be
limited to approximately 30 people.  To participate, please submit a
technical paper describing original research or significant applications
to the Workshop chair. Preference will be given to work that addresses one
or more of the themes listed below.
A small number of "interested observers" may also be invited to attend.
If you would like to be considered for attendance on this basis, please
submit a request by email to the Program Chair justifying your

To encourage participants to relate their work to the workshop themes
beforehand, papers are solicited for (but not strictly limited to) the
following themes:

1.	Studying and comparing coordination models using Petri Nets.
2.	Coordination/Interaction Analysis: The identification, encoding,
	and use of Petri Nets or similar formalisms for studying coordination
	and interaction problems.
3.	Modeling coordination and interaction in Enterprises and
	Organizations: the automation of either cooperative problem-solving
	activities (such as distributed interpretation or diagnosis) or
	coordination activities (such as service orchestration or resource
4.	Modeling e-commerce or workflow systems using Petri nets or
	similar formalisms.

The workshop, a one-day event, is a satellite event of the main Petri Nets
and application Conference, that in 2004 will take place in Bologna,
Italy, on 21-25 June, 2004.

Papers for review should be a maximum length of 15 pages, in PDF format
(LNCS style is suggested).  Please submit by email to CPN04@cs.unibo.it.
Also, please include an electronic mail address for the appropriate
contact person along with the submission.

Deadline for paper:     March 1, 2004.
Notification of acceptance: March 31, 2004.
Final papers due (for distribution at the Workshop): April 20, 2004.

We expect that revised versions of the best papers from the Workshop will
be considered for inclusion in an appropriate journal or in a published

Paolo Ciancarini (chair)
Gul Agha
Nadia Busi
Giorgio DeMichelis
Rocco DeNicola
Giovanna DiMarzo Serugendo
Dan Marinescu
Ugo Montanari
Vladimiro Sassone
Carolyn Talcott
Robert Tolksdorf
Wil Van der Alst
Gianluigi Zavattaro