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Spring Topology and Dynamical Systems Conference 2004, Birmingham Alabama (March 2004)

Spring Topology and Dynamical Systems Conference 2004
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, Alabama 35294, U.S.A.

*****March 25-27, 2004*****

For information on registration, abstracts, program, housing, weather, 
etc. please check the conference webpage at


INVITED SPEAKERS for this conference include:
Alexander Arhangel'skii
James Cannon
James Conant
Marton Elekes
Lukas Geyer
Michael Handel
Michael Hrusak
Ken Kunen
Wayne Lewis
Jan van Mill
Chris Mouron
Patricia Pellicer
Kevin Pilgrim
Andrzej Roslanowski
Evelyn Sander
Miroslaw Sobolewski

This conference will include special sessions on:
Continuum Theory
Dynamical Systems
General and Set-Theoretic Topology
Geometric Topology

REGISTRATION AND ABSTRACTS: Participants are invited to submit an 
abstract for a 15 minute contributed talk at 


If your talk is appropriate for one of the Special Sessions listed above,
please submit it under that heading. Registration at the STDC04 
registration website at


is required in order to give a talk.  

Abstracts must be submitted by Friday, March 19, 2004 in order for talks to
be scheduled.

STUDENT TRAVEL SUPPORT: In anticipation of NSF funding, we encourage graduate
students to apply for partial reimbursement of their reasonable travel and
lodging expenses. (Funds may also be available for some support for senior
faculty without other travel support.) See the STDC04 registration website

for application procedures.

Alexander Blokh
John Mayer
Lex Oversteegen
(Local Organizing Committee)