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Spring School Philosophy of Physics (Bonn/Koeln, March/April 2004; Deadline Feb 15)

Deadline: February 15, 2004!

 "Spring School Philosophy of Physics"

 Bonn-Cologne, March 28--April 3, 2004

Topics:     - Philosophy of Science Issues in Physics
            - Non-locality in EPR-Bell Correlations
            - Measurement Process
            - Individuality in Quantum Mechanics
            - Algebraic Quantum Mechanics
            - History of Special and General Relativity
            - Spacetime Ontology

Lecturers:  A. Bartels (Bonn)
            J. Butterfield (Oxford)
            K. Fredenhagen (Hamburg)
            S. French (Leeds)
            F. W. Hehl (Cologne)
            D. Howard (Notre Dame)
            P. Mittelstaedt (Cologne)
            J. Stachel (Boston)

Organizers: Holger Lyre (Bonn)
            Peter Mittelstaedt (Cologne)

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