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"Negation in Constructive Logic"; July 2004, Dresden (Germany)

Negation in Constructive Logic
(International Workshop)
July 1 - 4, 2004
Dresden University of Technology, Germany

The notion of negation is one of the central logical notions. It has been
studied since antiquity and has been subject to thorough investigations in
the development of philosophical logic, linguistics, artificial
intelligence and logic programming. This development shows that bringing
into play various types of negation may produce highly fruitful and
promising results in many areas, such as paraconsistent logic,
non-monotonic reasoning, the theory of data bases and logic programming.

The properties of negation - in combination with those of other logical
operations and structural features of the deductibility relation - serve
as gateways among logical systems. Moreover, a difference between various
logical systems can often be reconstructed as a difference of certain
features of negation operators used in these systems. E.g., the principle
of double negation elimination designates the boundary between classical
and intuitionistic logic.

Many conceptions of negation claim to be of a constructive character. It
appears that constructivity of a logical system is closely connected to
the type of negation employed in it. This workshop will bring together
some of the leading scholars who actively work in the field of negation
and/or constructive logic, to give them a possibility to present and to
discuss the newest results and research projects concerning these
important topics and interrelations between them.


Arnon Avron (Tel-Aviv University, Israel)
J. Michael Dunn (Indiana University, USA)
Valentin Goranko (Rand Afrikaans University, South Africa)
Rajeev Gore (Australian National University, Australia)
Heinrich Herre (University of Leipzig, Germany)
Norihiro Kamide (Keio University Tokyo, Japan)
Sergei Odintsov (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Russia)
David Pearce (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain)
Yaroslav Shramko (Krivoi Rog State Pedagogical University, Ukraine /
     TU Dresden, Germany)
Neil Tennant (Ohio State University, USA)
Dimiter Vakarelov (University of Sofia, Bulgaria)
Gerd Wagner (Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands)
Heinrich Wansing (TU Dresden, Germany)
Frank Wolter (University of Liverpool, UK)
Michael Zakharyaschev (King's College London, UK)

We heartily invite everybody who is interested in the topics of negation
and constructive logic to attend the workshop and to contribute to it by
actively taking part in the discussions. Participants of the workshop have
to register (see registration form). The registration fee is 50 EUR.

The workshop is funded by DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft).

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