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Workshop "Provability Logic: New Frontiers" (Jan 15, 2004, Utrecht)

Provability Logic: New Frontiers
Utrecht, January 15, 2004

This is a one day event organized by the Department of Philosophy of
Utrecht University in connection with the visit of Prof. Sergei N. Artemov
(Graduate Center of CUNY, New York).

It is meant both as a reunion of the researchers in Provability Logic to
report on their current interests and a forum to present the new
developments in provability logic related areas. The focus will be on
applications and on the infiltration of provability logic ideas into other

Speakers include: S. Artemov, L. Beklemishev, D. de Jongh, V.Shavrukov, A.

There is no formal registration and fee. Detailed information and
preliminary program:


Contact: Lev Beklemishev (lev@phil.uu.nl), room 164, Department of
Philosophy, Utrecht University, Heidelberglaan 8, 3584 CS, Utrecht.