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Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 06:16:30 -0500
From: Michael Detlefsen <detlefsen.1@nd.edu>
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University of Notre Dame
March 29-31, 2001

The Philosophy Department of the University of Notre Dame cordially invites
all interested students and scholars to a conference on Logicism and the
Paradoxes, March 29-31, 2001 on the Notre Dame campus. Speakers include:
Aldo Antonelli, University of California-Irvine; Timothy Bays, University
of Notre Dame; Patricia Blanchette, University of Notre Dame; Peter Clark,
University of St. Andrews; William Demopoulos, University of Western
Ontario; Juliet Floyd, Boston University; Bob Hale, University of Glasgow;
Michael Hallett, McGill University; W. D. Hart, University of
Illinois-Chicago; Richard Heck, Harvard University; Gregory Landini,
University of Iowa; David McCarty, Indiana University-Bloomington; Stewart
Shapiro, Ohio State University and University of St. Andrews; William Tait,
University of Chicago; James Tappenden, University of Michigan; and Crispin
Wright, St. Andrews University and Columbia University.

Currently there are stipends available to help defray the expenses of
students and other scholars (including faculty) whose institutions lack the
funds necessary to cover their expenses. Those interested in applying
should contact the conference director, Michael Detlefsen at
detlefsen.1@nd.edu. Questions concerning lodging and meals should be
directed to Ms. Harriet Baldwin, at baldwin.1@nd.edu with a copy to
Professor Detlefsen at the above email address. All attending are invited
to the opening reception from 7-10 pm the evening of March 28th at the
Morris Inn on the University of Notre Dame campus. The Morris Inn is where
the invited speakers and most other guests of the conference will be
staying. The conference will be held in the McKenna Center for Continuing
Education, across the street from the Morris Inn.

Conference Schedule

Wednesday, March 28th: Arrival. Reception 7pm-10pm, Morris Inn.

Session I: Thursday, March 29th, 9:00am-12:20pm

William Demopoulos	"On the origin and status of our conception of number"
James Tappenden	"A Reassessment of the Mathematical Roots of Frege's
Logicism: Some History, Some Philosophy"

Session II: Thursday, March 29th, 1:30pm-6pm

Stewart Shapiro	"Beyond arithmetic: the neo-logicist quest for real
analysis and set theory"
Juliet Floyd	"Wittgenstein's anti-logicism in the TRACTATUS"
Patricia Blanchette	"Realism and Paradox"

Session III: Friday, March 30th, 9:30am-12:30pm

David McCarty	"Problems and Riddles: Hilbert and Du Bois-Reymond"
Michael Hallett	"Hilbert's Ideals"

Session IV: Friday, March 30th, 1:45pm-6:15pm

Bob Hale		"Neo-Fregean abstractionist approaches to analysis
and set theory"
W. D. Hart		"Skolem Redux"
W. W. Tait		"By the way: what is logic?"

Session V: Saturday, March 31th, 9:30am-12:30pm

Richard Heck	"Toward a Foundation for Arithmetic: An Assessment of the
Relationship Between Cardinality, Equinumerosity, and One-One Correspondence"
Crispin Wright	"Neo-Fregean Foundations for Real Analysis: Some Reflections"

Session VI: Friday, March 30th, 1:45pm-6:15pm

Aldo Antonelli	"Frege's New Science" (with Robert May)
Gregory Landini	"Logicism's 'Insolubilia' and Their Solution by Russell's
  		Substitutional Theory"

PANEL DISCUSSION:	Peter Clark, Timothy Bays