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Summer School "Philosophy, Probability, and the Special Sciences" (Jul/Aug 2003; Konstanz)

International Summerschool
Philosophy, Probability, and the Special Sciences
University of Konstanz
27 July - 2 August 2003

After last year's summer school on the Philosophy of Probability, our
focus in this year's summer school will be on philosophical questions
that arise when probabilistic models and techniques are being applied
in the special sciences. In particular, the lectures will address
philosophical questions surrounding the role of probability in
evolutionary game-theory (J. McKenzie Alexander), in physics (Miklos
Redei), in biology (Sahotra Sarkar), in psychology (Patrick Suppes)
and in jurisprudence (Peter Tillers). Two evening lectures by Michael
Heidelberger (on the emergence of probability theory in 19th century
science) and by Wolfgang Spohn (on probabilistic causation) complete
the program. Both philosophers as well as practicing scientists are
encouraged to participate in this interdisciplinary summer school.

We will also reserve some time slots for participants who would like
to make a presentation of their own research. Please indicate if you
wish to do so in your application letter.

To apply to the summer school, please send us an e-mail explaining
why you are interested in participating and attach a short CV. The
application deadline is May 26. We will let you know whether you have
been accepted before June 2. The tuition fee is Euro 100 for early
registration (before June 15) and Euro 125 for on-site registration.
The costs for accommodation and travel are additional. We will
facilitate accommodation arrangements.

The summer school from 27 July - 2 August, 2003 is supported by the
Thyssen Foundation, the Center for Junior Research Fellows of the
University of Konstanz (ZWN) and by a Sofja Kovalevskaja Award of the
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the Federal Ministry of Education
and Research and the Programme for Investment in the Future (ZIP) of
the German Government.

The summer school is organized by Luc Bovens (University of Colorado
at Boulder), Stephan Hartmann (University of Konstanz), Nils Hesse
(University of Konstanz), and Gabriella Pigozzi (University of

For more information, see
http://www.uni-konstanz.de/ppm/summerschool2003/ or write to