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Announcement: EEF Summer School on Logical Methods (Aarhus) (fwd)

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Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 15:12:05 +0100 (MET)
From: Ulrich Kohlenbach <kohlenb@brics.dk>
Subject: Announcement: EEF Summer School on Logical Methods (Aarhus)


             EEF Summer School on Logical Methods 
                       June 25-July 6, 2001 
              BRICS, University of Aarhus, Denmark. 

Courses will be given by: 

M. Bezem (Bergen): Type Theory, 
R. Crole (Leicester): Categorical Logic, 
U. Kohlenbach (Aarhus): Computational Content of Proofs, 
O. Kupferman (Jerusalem): Model Checking, 
J. Makowsky (Haifa): Model theoretic methods in combinatorics and complexity, 
A. Scedrov (Philadelphia): Logic in Computer Security, 
C. Schuermann (Yale): Logical Frameworks, 
J. Tucker (Swansea): Computable functions on many sorted algebras, 
A. Voronkov (Manchester): Proof Theory and Automated Deduction, 
I. Walukiewicz (Warsaw): Automata and Logic. 

Further information can be obtained at 

or by sending an email to LogicsSchool01@brics.dk.

An electronic registration form will soon be available on the 
schools website mentioned above. 

Grants for students to attend the school, covering registration, 
accommodation and local costs, can be applied for on the same form.

Organizing Committee: Janne Christensen (secretary), 
Ulrich Kohlenbach, Mogens Nielsen, Glynn Winskel. 

The school is co-sponsored by the European Educational Forum (EEF) 
and BRICS (Basic Research in Computer Science) funded by the Danish 
National Research Foundation.