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FOM: meeting announcements (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 15:35:35 -0800 (PST)
From: John Steel <steel@math.berkeley.edu>
To: fom@math.psu.edu
Subject: FOM: meeting announcements

I'd like to announce two somewhat related meetings which will be held
back-to-back, at the end of this coming May, in Berkeley:

1. Conference in honor of D.A. Martin's 60th birthday.

     The conference will be held on May 27 and May 28, 2001, on the U.C. 
Berkeley campus. Speakers include: Matt Foreman (U.C. Irvine), Steve
Jackson (North Texas), Alexander Kechris (Caltech), Yiannis Moschovakis
(UCLA), Itay Neeman (UCLA), Ted Slaman (U.C. Berkeley), and Robert Solovay
(U.C. Berkeley). The conference organizers are Steve Jackson, John Steel,
and Hugh Woodin. For further information, contact the organizers, or visit
the web at

2. Workshop on the Continuum Problem.

     This will be a four-day workshop on topics in set theory related to
the Continuum Problem (broadly conceived). The workshop will be held at
the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (in Berkeley) on May 29-June
1, 2001, immediately after the Martin meeting. Speakers include: 
Tomek Bartoszynski (Boise State), Ilijas Farah (CUNY), Moti Gitik (Tel
Aviv), Greg Hjorth (UCLA), Thomas Jech (Penn State), Ronald Jensen
(Humboldt University), Paul Larson (Toronto), Menachem Magidor (Hebrew
University), Slawomir Solecki (Indiana), Stevo Todorcevic (Paris),
Boban Velicovic (Paris), Jindrich Zapletal (University of Florida), and
Martin Zeman (Vienna). 
    The workshop organizers are John Steel and Hugh Woodin. For further
information, contact the organizers, ot visit the web at


John Steel