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workshop on Computability and Complexity in Analysis (fwd)

From: Vasco Brattka <Vasco.Brattka@FernUni-Hagen.de>
 Subject:      CCA 2002 - Call for Papers
 Date:         Fri, 21 Dec 2001 16:09:49 +0100


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    Fifth Workshop on
    Computability and Complexity in Analysis

    July 12-13, 2002, Malaga, Spain

    First Announcement and Call for Papers

    Program Committee

    Peter Hertling         (Hagen, Germany)
    Ker-I Ko               (Stony Brook, USA)
    Marian Pour-El         (Minnesota, USA)
    Ludwig Staiger         (Halle-Wittenberg, Germany)
    John V. Tucker         (Swansea, Wales)
    Klaus Weihrauch, chair (Hagen, Germany)
    Mariko Yasugi          (Kyoto Sangyo, Japan)
    Xizhong Zheng          (Cottbus, Germany)
    Ning Zhong             (Cincinnati, USA)

    Organizing Committee

    Vasco Brattka          (Hagen, Germany) vasco.brattka@fernuni-hagen.de
    Matthias Schroeder     (Hagen, Germany) matthias.schroeder@fernuni-hagen.de


    As part of the workshop a demonstration of systems for exact real
    computation will be organized by

    Norbert Mueller       (Trier, Germany)  mueller@uni-trier.de


    Authors are invited to submit PostScript versions of papers to



    Submission deadline:   April 28, 2002
    Notification:          May 26, 2002
    Camera-ready versions: June 16, 2002




    The fifth workshop on Computability and Complexity in Analysis will take
    place in Malaga as a satellite workshop of ICALP 2002, the 29th International
    Colloquium on Automata, Languages, and Programming (which will be held on
    July 8-13).


    The workshop is concerned with the theory of computability and complexity
    over the real numbers which is built on the Turing machine model. This
    theory was initiated by Turing, Grzegorczyk, Lacombe, Banach and Mazur,
    and after a long period of slow development has seen rapid growth in recent
    years. Newcomers can find introductions in the books by Pour-El/Richards,
    Ko, and Weihrauch.

    Until recently, most work in computability and complexity concentrated on
    problems over discrete structures, and many computer scientists do not know
    much about computable real functions. Maybe, for this reason problems
    including real number computation have been neglected, avoided or even
    ignored by the majority of computer scientists.

    Although still many even basic questions are unsettled, meanwhile a rich
    toolkit has been developed for numerous applications of computer science
    requiring real number computation like image processing, computational
    geometry, dynamical systems, hybrid systems and, last but not least,
    numerical mathematics and scientific computation. ICALP participants
    will have an excellent opportunity to get up-to-date information about
    this exciting and important but not yet widely known field of research.


    The workshop proceedings will be published as a technical report.
    Simultaneous submissions to CCA 2002 and to ICALP are allowed, with the
    understanding that if the paper is accepted to ICALP, then the paper will
    have to be withdrawn from CCA 2002. The ICALP submission deadline is
    January 14, 2002.